Types of Photography You Need to Know

Types of Photography You Need to Know

In the years before photography was used mainly for documentation purposes, to keep a record of something that cannot be explained verbally. But because of the advancement of technology, and the rise of various online sharing platforms, new gadgets are being created and stills are being shared to every corner of the world. There’s landscape photography, wedding photography, portrait, and even food photography. It has now become not only a way for documenting, but a way of art. It has peaked the interest of many and has now become a part of our lifestyle.

Photography can be classified into a wide range of genre, if you are just starting to cultivate the passion, then it might be best to try and just take photos of what you find interesting. Later on however, you realize that there are specific events or things that you’d rather shoot. Here are some types of photography that might be your own inclination:


  1. Landscape photography

This is probably the most well known type of photography as it basically shows a simple scenery or view. There is no need to complicate the subject matter and the point is that you want to share not only what you see but what you are feeling looking at that view. Landscape photography requires a good eye in framing all the elements in one shot wherein everything is in harmony with each other.

  1. Portrait photography

Some people find it interesting to capture different moods or facial expressions of a person. Portraits are shots that focus on one’s face down to their shoulders. Just like paintings, the first thing we notice are the eyes and how sharp they look, this is also the struggle of photographers. The most tricky part in this kind of photography is how to make the expressions natural and not forced. Cameras should keep on rolling so as not to miss any shot that might portray the real feeling of the subject.

  1. Food photography

Believe it or not, many people earn by taking great pictures of food. It is a tough job trying to make something appeal both fresh, but natural at the same time. Food photography requires swift and timed movements as melting and dripping might happen at any given time. The camera equipment setup also tends to be more technical in this type of photography as macro shots might be needed.

  1. Fashion photography

This type is most used in the advertising industry. Fashion evolves every year, but the main idea is to make shots that are timeless so that consumers will be enticed to buy the product. Shoot locations are also flexible, it may be outdoors or within the confines of the studio depending on the overall theme of the product. One thing’s for sure though, the stylists create a major part of every shoot as they will be the one giving the feel to the shoot. You might need a bigger team to pull a fashion photography shoot because of constant retouching.

  1. Events photography

Events may vary ranging from simple corporate gatherings to themed weddings and even concerts. This type of photography is made for on-the-go artists that are not bothered by the time constraint and unguarded moments. You must keep an eye out all the time because you will never be able to redo your shots.

There’s more to this list that you can imagine, for now keep taking pictures and enjoy.